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Corporate Housing Uptown / Downtown Dallas

 Uptown is the most popular area for furnished apartments in Dallas by far. More of our corporate housing customers ask specifically for Uptown locations than any other area in the entire Metroplex.

Entertainment, restaurants, bars, and shopping are all within a short walk in any direction from all of our furnished apartments in Uptown making it easy for you to enjoy your evenings and weekends with countless options of fun things to do.

Uptown Dallas also gives you quick access to I-35, the North Dallas Tollway, Woodall Rogers Freeway, I-30, and the Central Expressway (Hwy 75) so that if you need to drive to another area of Dallas you can step out of your apartment, hop in your car, and be on any of these major freeways within only a few minutes.

Besides its easy walking access, Uptown Dallas has a free trolley line that runs throughout the Uptown area and even into Downtown, so if you’re working Downtown you can easily get there without having to drive.

Overall, Uptown Dallas’ advantages are unbeatable for anyone wanting to be in a completely urban environment with the easy convenience of work and nightlife being only a short walk away; and yet still wanting to have the quick access of major highways to get out and about to other areas of Dallas and the Metroplex.

In contrast, Downtown Dallas is not as popular of an area for apartments and corporate housing.  Unlike the Downtown area in many big cities, downtown Dallas is not currently an area thriving with dining, nightlife, entertainment, and housing.  Most of that is located in Uptown, whereas there are primarily lots of office buildings in Downtown.  However, because Uptown and Downtown are right across Woodall Rogers Freeway from each other and because the Trolley line runs back and forth between both, it is easy to live in Uptown and work in Downtown.  And that is precisely what many people do, giving themselves the best of both worlds.  All in all, if you are looking for a downtown extended stay in Dallas, then Uptown is probably actually the ideal location for you to live while you’re in town.

On the pricing side, Uptown is certainly the most expensive area for furnished apartments and corporate housing in the Dallas area but the price is definitely well justified by the long list of distinct advantages it offers to those residents who live there.  Most of our customers who stay at one of our furnished apartments in uptown Dallas are so happy with their experience that they request to stay in Uptown again every single time they come back to visit Dallas.

If you are interested in taking advantage of some of the same types of features that Uptown offers – but are wanting to save some money – you may consider the Addison Area (link) which is situated a little further north but still offers many similar advantages to Uptown Dallas in regard to its convenience to restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and highway access.