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One option you may consider when faced with your short-term housing needs is to lease an unfurnished apartment and then use a major provider of rental furniture to fill your home with all of the necessary furnishings and housewares.

While this certainly takes some of the headache out of furnishing your own place (although you will still have to set up temporary utilities and cable/internet), you can see below that you’ll probably still end up paying more than you would if you just rented a furnished apartment from us.

At Kozi Corporate Housing, we use high quality furniture and housewares for our apartments. We want our guests to know that we care.

(These example monthly numbers are based on example industry prices in Texas major metropolitan areas for a 1 bedroom apartment)

Expense Do It Yourself With Kozi
Apartment Rent $1100 $2400
Housewares $385 Included
Furniture Rental $700 Included
Linens/Bedding $275 Included
Television $125 Included
Cable $99 Included
Internet $45 Included
Electricity $150 Included
Water/Sewer/Trash $35 Included
Time Spent 5 + Hours Included
Total Cost 1 Month $2914 $2400
Total Cost 1 Day $97.13 $80