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Large corporate housing companies have apartments and condos all over most of the major metro plexed areas. They typically rent all of the furnishings and decor for these apartments from big-chain rental companies and provide everything needed in a corporate apartment. The problem is, they also have large offices, huge sales staffs, and over-sized overheads. This directly translates into more money spent by you, the customer.

At Kozi, we too have apartments and condos all over the metro plexes, but we purchase all of our high-quality furniture and keep much of the service in-house so we can provide you the highest possible quality with the lowest possible price. Take a look at these real quotes from other corporate housing companies at the exact same properties where we have units available.

Monthly Expense Other Providers With Kozi
Las Colinas (1 bedroom) $3155 $2405
North Dallas (1 bedroom) $3195 $2415
Uptown (2 bedroom) $3965 $3120
Total Cost 1 Month $3200 Avg $2500 Avg
Total Cost 1 Day $106.67 $83.33