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One Hotel Room

Some people believe that, for short-term housing, a hotel is their best (if not only option). At Kozi we want you to know that simply isn’t true. First of all there are extra costs incurred due to a lack of amenities in hotels (laundry service or coin-operated washing machines and extra cost for eating out because you can’t cook at home). Secondly, a hotel is only one room! You can’t feel at home somewhere that simply isn’t meant to be a home.

(Numbers are based on real industry prices in major metropolitan areas)

Expense Hotel With Kozi
Rent $2490 $2400
Room Tax $284.70 Included
Food $1200 $500
Laundry $200 Washer / Dryer Included
Total Cost 1 Month $4174.70 $2900
Total Cost 1 Day $139.16 $96.67