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Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels are small (often studio-style) hotel rooms that feature a small kitchenette and separate sitting area and are available to rent at reduced rates by the week or month. These are often seen as the “Affordable” option for individuals seeking housing for several weeks or months. You can see below that while the price is considerably lower than other options discussed, it is still very much in line with our own prices but the quality of the furnishings and available space is vastly different than what we provide.

(Numbers are based on real industry prices in major metropolitan areas)

Expense Hotel With Kozi
Rent $2280 $2400
Room Tax $296.49 Included
Food $500 $500
Laundry $200 Washer / Dryer Included
Total Cost 1 Month $3276.40 $2900
Total Cost 1 Day $109.21 $96.67