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  • Moving to a new city and don’t want to rush into buying a home until you get familiar with the area?
  • The closing on your new home purchase delayed?
  • Sold your home faster than you planned and haven’t found a new one to move into yet?

…Whatever the reason may be, most people find themselves in need of a fully furnished apartment that feels like home at some point in the their home-owning career. Nobody plans for this to happen, but it does happen. And when it happens, the last place you want to be moving to with your family is an expensive, small, uncomfortable hotel room.

You want a comfortable furnished place with plenty of room, a fully stocked kitchen with all the cookware you have at home, separate bedrooms for everyone in the family, covered parking spaces just outside your front door, a big HDTV flat screen TV with hundreds of channels, a washer and dryer of your own, and conscientious neighbors who take care of the property because its their home, not a hotel.

Moving is stressful enough without you having to live in a hotel for weeks or months, uncertain as to when it’s going to end. On the other hand, taking on an unfurnished apartment lease, having to move all of your furniture twice, and having to get TV, internet, electric, water, etc. all set up in your name for a short period of time would just add even more stress to your plate and no really save you any money.

This is what we’re here for…to provide you with a comfortable furnished apartment that can serve as your temporary home away from home.

If it feels like home it must be Kozi. Your comfort is our business…let us show you how we take care of our corporate housing customers and you’ll never want to call a hotel again.