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A hotel is NOT a home…but a spacious furnished apartment sure comes close…

Every year millions of homeowners are displaced from their homes because of mold, fire, tornados, hurricanes, etc. Often insurance companies simply put these unfortunate homeowners in hotels for months on end. Imagine a family of 5 trying to live comfortably in a hotel for 5 months… This is not the way it should be….no one should have to live like that simply because they were unfortunate enough to have their home damaged.

Insurance contracts typically read that they homeowner is entitled to an “equivalent lodging” during the time that they are displaced from their home. A hotel is certainly not “equivalent lodging”…and for that matter, neither is an extended stay hotel. Oddly enough, the reason that insurance companies put their customers in hotels is not because they are cheaper…in fact they are often more expensive than our fully furnished apartments.

However, insurance companies often don’t know how to find a fully furnished apartment and they are certainly not going to go out of their way to set up and furnish an apartment or condo just for a short term stay for one of their customers.

This is one of the main reasons we started Kozi Corporate Housing…Good people in tough circumstances need a comfortable furnished apartment or condo that truly feels like home and they need it for a short term lease…at the very least they should be able to live in a spacious comfortable fully furnished apartment while their home is being repaired.

If you are a family in this situation, please contact us and we will contact your insurance company right away to get you placed in proper accommodations in one of our comfortable fully furnished apartments.

If you are an insurance agent and you want to make your customers happier by providing them with a superior solution, please contact us about becoming your corporate housing provider for all of your customers.

Kozi Corporate Housing – Short term housing that truly feels like home