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There’s always government work going on somewhere and corporate housing goes hand in hand with it. Whether the work is building new roads, congressional sessions, planning new infrastructure, political campaign rallies, or conferences…there’s always something going on even though it typically is only short term. All of these people who flood into an area for these things needs a place to stay and they want it to feel like home.

Our corporate apartments feel like home because they are fully furnished with all bills paid and we specialize in short term leases. Each of our furnished apartments comes with a fully stocked kitchen, a washer and dryer in every unit, and best of all our prices are unbelievably lower than any other competitors in the corporate housing market.

If you are a government employee and are going to have to be in any major city for any length of time in the near future, contact us and we will show you how comfortable and affordable your temporary stay can be in one of our furnished apartments or condos.

If your apartment feels like home, it must be Kozi.