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Construction is one of those industries that can put you on the road a lot and often for extended periods of time…time away from family, time spent in hotels, time eating fast food…this is no way to live. We started Kozi Corporate Housing specifically for people like you.

No one should have to live out of hotels. Our fully furnished apartments are designed to provide you with a truly relaxing retreat that truly feels like a home away from home. All of our corporate apartments and condos come with a big flat screen HD TV, a full kitchen and cookware, plenty of space, relaxing furniture, a super comfortable king bed with high thread count sheets, a washer and dryer in the unit, and ALL bills paid (including your own private wireless internet connection and over 200 channels on your big TV).

When you add it all up, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would pay more money to stay in a tiny hotel room, eat fast food, and waste money on high hotel sales tax when they could be staying in a highly comfortable, spacious, fully furnished apartment for less money.

Most people just don’t know about corporate housing and that furnished apartments are a readily available option…or that Kozi Corporate Housing is the most affordable furnished apartment provider in the industry. Let us show you what we can do for you today. Our prices, our service, and the quality of our furnished apartments will make you a customer for life.