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Corporate Housing is a key tool for many expanding businesses because of the need to house employees temporarily in different cities while expanding to new locations. Besides that fact, when a company permanently expands to a new city, it can potentially move literally thousands of employees to the new location all at the same time.

When this happens, these people need a place to live while they carefully shop the market for their new permanent home. If employees (and their families) were simply tossed into a hotel during this vulnerable transitionary time, there could be tremendous impact on job satisfaction and performance in the workplace due to the personal stresses of living in a cramped hotel without all of the amenities that a real home typically provides.

This is precisely why so many companies utilize corporate housing to house their employees during times of business expansion. It provides their employees with a high level “quality of life” atmosphere so that they can still have a positive home environment where they (and their families) can enjoy home cooked meals, sufficient space, and a comfortable setting while they look for a new permanent home in this new unfamiliar town.

The benefits of utilizing this approach over the idea of using an old fashioned hotel are obvious and it explains the nearly exponential growth that the corporate housing industry has experienced in recent years.

There are countless scenarios that make corporate housing an excellent business solution for expanding businesses, government institutions, and businesses that are inherently mobile by nature.

Kozi Corporate Housing is here to provide you with the corporate housing that your company needs so that you can focus on your business and not have to waste your precious time dealing with details regarding housing your employees, clients, executives, etc.