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Shared Workspace in the Sharing Economy


Numerous indicators reflect a strong US economy, especially when compared to the doldrums of the 2008 financial crisis. That severe and dramatic collapse of the economy left an indelible and lasting mark. Part of the economic transformation in recent years is reflected in the gig economy and a growing interest in entrepreneurship.Shared work spaces are nothing new, but in recent years, numerous businesses have taken a fresh approach to providing these spaces. Catering to freelancers, startups, and even large enterprises, companies such as WeWork, , and others have reimagined what it means to work in a shared space. Their core demographic market are millennials who came of age during the market meltdown. A large swath of this age group have experienced first- or second-hand what it means to be laid off or to not be able to find work. This has driven a vigorous interest in entrepreneurship – if you cannot find a job, then why not create one? Others have also turned to freelance and project-based work.
For freelancers, working from home is not for everyone. For small start-ups, investing in dedicated office space can be a large outlay that simply does not make sense. Shared workspace provides a community that can foster both new business opportunities and new friendships.
The workspace facilities are decked out in top-notch furniture and decor. Events for the community of members are a regular happening. Free printing and copying is often a standard service. Free coffee and even free beer are not uncommon perks.
WeWork, one of the largest shared workspace providers (and now valued at $20 billion, one of the most valuable privately-held companies in the world), recently announced that it will be opening its first location in Houston. Just like other major metropolitan areas, Houston has been the epicenter of a growing startup scene. This has created demand for product such as WeWork offers. One can reasonably expect other shared workspace providers not to trail too far behind the market leader in opening a location in Htown. Just as shared workspace provides flexibility and convenience, so too does corporate housing.
At Kozi Corporate Housing, we provide comfortable and high-quality furnished apartments. For short-term and even for longer-term rentals, we provide an ideal solution. Moving into town and not ready to settle just yet into a long-term lease or home purchase? Relocating elsewhere and waiting on a purchase or sale of your home to close? Planning maintenance to your home and looking for a place to stay until the work is complete? Turn to us.
All of our apartments come with great standard amenities, including high-speed secure wireless internet, large-screen HDTV, in-unit washer and dryer, and much more. Browse our properties online, and contact us today to make your booking!

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