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Parks to Enjoy in and Around San Antonio


San Antonio is by many measures one of the best cities not just in Texas, but in the entire US. The Alamo City has so much to offer, including great green space. Sometimes it feels good to get away from the hustle and hustle of urban life and breathe in fresh air. During your stay with Kozi Corporate Housing, be sure to check out the great parks and outdoor activities awaiting you in the city and its surroundings.

San Antonio has a naturally beautiful cityscape, great business environment, low cost of living, a diverse array of awesome restaurants and bars, and many other great characteristics. It’s no wonder that San Antonio has been one of the fastest-growing major cities, especially among millennials.

San Antonio has plenty of green space. One of the more popular spots is Leon Creek Greenway Park. On the Northwest Side just off of I-10 and right near the University of Texas at San Antonio campus, this park is often packed on weekends. In addition to jogging and biking, it can be great for socializing and people watching. Connecting directly with Leon Creek Greenway Park is Bamberger Nature Park. The pristine park has great trails for running and biking. Bamberger Nature Park is also home to lots of wildlife, and is a great spot for birdwatching.

Just a short distance away from Downtown await several of parks offering splendid landscapes, wildlife, fresh air, and the fun of being in the outdoors. The Medina River Natural Area and Greenway is a great spot for outdoor fun and relaxation. With the Medina River snaking its way through the park and several miles of hiking and biking trails, this beautiful hidden gem of a park is just a 25-minute ride from central Downtown off of Highway 16 South.

Government Canyon State Natural Area is a short drive beyond the 1604 Loop due west from the UT-San Antonio. This preserve spans 12,085 acres and features a quintessential Texas Hill Country landscape of rugged hills and canyons. The area is inhabited by a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, armadillos, porcupines. Bobcats, coyotes, red and grey foxes, and mountain lions also inhabit the area, but are rarely seen by park visitors. Great for camping, the park features a large trail system for hiking, running, and biking of varying length and difficulty level.

Anybody who knows the San Antonio area and enjoys outdoor excitement will tell you that a visit to the Natural Bridge Caverns is well worth it. The site is a roughly 40-minute drive from Downtown headed toward New Braunfels. The informative guided tours through these caves provide a great experience. The beautiful rock formations and emerald water make for spectacular sights.

As you’ve gathered, San Antonio has a lot to offer for those who enjoy green space. It’s always restorative to the body and mind to reconnect with Mother Nature. So when you come to San Antonio, make the most of the opportunities that await.

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