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Ever been in a situation where you needed a housing solution, fast? Say, you moved to a new town but good apartments were hard to come by? It may be that you visited family for a longer time than the usual vacation, or went to a city to check out universities or to consider a relocation. On these occasions and others, hotels might have been the more expensive solution, and other options such as Airbnb might have required more flexibility than you had to spare.

Happy medium between expensive hotel and obligating apartment lease

Corporate rentals(also referred to as corporate apartments, executive apartments, serviced apartments, temporary housing or short-term housing) is about offering a quick and satisfying solution to various housing situations. Whether short or long term, Corporate Housing is designed to answer varying housing needs with flexibility, dependability and speed.

Corporate Housing rentals has expanded beyond being companies solution for housing employees. It has become a popular choice for people with changing accommodation needs, for it offers a countable and satisfying solution for travellers, students, vacationers, job seekers, as well as businessmen, professionals, interns, and much more. It is a home-away-from-home with the conveniences of a hotel.

Corporate Housing What’s Inside the apartments?

The houses and apartments are typically twice to triple the size of a standard hotel room. They come fully furnished and equipped and are highly maintained. Often, additional services are included, such as laundry room, cleaning, parking and more; All that is needed to make living in a temporary house or apartment a comforting and gratifying experience.

Corporate rentals means high standards in home decor, furniture selection and services supply. The houses and apartments are designed with attention to details, to create an atmosphere of a well cared for home. The kitchen is usually fully equipped for gourmet or fast cooking, so all you need are the groceries. When it comes to health and cost efficiency, a well equipped kitchen makes all the difference. Other services such as Internet, television, washer/dryer, bathroom towels and bedroom linens are usually included. Some Corporate Housing provide a housekeeping service for an additional fee. Additionally, some Corporate Houses facilities offer swimming pools and fitness rooms. All Corporate rentals offer full customer service, meaning you don’t have to worry in case something breaks down or if there’s a problem; Someone else takes care of things, and is taking calls 24/7.

Contrary to hotels, corporate apartments are always based in residential neighborhoods, meaning you can live and explore from the insides of a city, meet locals and experience the communal life. This can add to the feeling of familiarity, as well as offer a sense of what a city “feels like”, in case a relocation is considered.

When you are looking for a fast and affordable short or long term housing solution that requires minimum effort on your part and provides you with an all-inclusive comfortability, check out Corporate Housing. Chances are you’ll find exactly what you desire.


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