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What is Corporate Housing?


So what exactly is corporate housing? You are certain get different answers depending on who you ask. People might refer to it by a different name: short-term rentals, furnished apartments, serviced apartments, temporary housing, corporate suites, and executive suites, among others. Regardless of the name used to define it, corporate housing is generally a furnished apartment or condominium that can be rented on a short-term basis. Typically, the rental term for corporate housing is 30 days or more, but at Kozi Corporate Housing we offer our customers flexibility for shorter stays.

Corporate housing is an ideal solution for individuals who are traveling for a temporary work assignment or are relocating and want or need time before getting settled into a permanent home. Staying in a furnished apartment instead of a hotel may also perfectly serve the needs of people spending an extended period of time for reasons unrelated to business. For example, you might have major renovations being done to your home. Medical extended stays in a furnished apartment have also become increasingly popular, as they offer the ability to be close to a family member or loved one being treated at a healthcare facility for an extended period.

Furnished apartments in general, and Kozi Corporate Housing in particular, offer an attractive alternative to hotels, which often lack many of the comforts of being in your own home. For example, why should you have to use your bedroom as an office space? Why should you have to go out to a restaurant for every meal? Or if you order take-out, why should you have to eat your meal in the same space where you rest your head? Our standard offering at all of our furnished apartments includes: high-speed, secure wireless internet; 42-inch HDTV; a dining area and living room; stylish furnishings; a fully-equipped kitchen; housewares; linens; an in-unit washer and dryer; cleaning services; and all utilities are paid. At many of our beautiful properties you can also expect some or all of the higher-end amenities that you might be able to find at a hotel, such as a fitness center, pool, and business center. Many of our properties are also pet-friendly if you have a furry friend you want to bring with you during your stay!

We’ve put a lot of thought and care into giving our customers the experience of having a comfortable and beautiful home away from home. Contact us today to learn about our beautiful properties and allow us to help you book your ideal corporate housing rental!

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