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The Houston Heights Renaissance Continues


The Houston Heights, or simply “The Heights,” is the city’s oldest planned community, founded in 1891 in what is now northwest-central Houston. The neighborhood has undergone a stunning revival and transformation in recent years due to a number of factors, including the city’s strong economy, an influx of young and well-to-do residents, and new development and restoration projects. The Heights is considered not just one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Houston, but was also recently named one of the nation’s best big-city neighborhoods. Full of quirks, its small-town feel within a big city attracts a diverse array of people. The Heights is a great neighborhood to explore and call home, even if it’s just for a short-term rental.

The historic community’s unofficial boundaries are Washington Avenue on the south, I-45 on the east, Shepherd/Durham on the west, and the North 610 Loop on the north. The Heights was annexed by Houston proper in 1918, but maintains its own sense of individuality. Due to the date of its founding, the neighborhood still features many original Victorian homes and classic Craftsman Bungalows. Nestled in a city known for its lack of zoning laws, the Heights is known for its numbered, fairly rigid grid.

Having fallen into a decrepit state beginning in the period after World War II when industrial interests moved into the area, the Heights has been experiencing gentrification since the 1990s. The pace of change has really accelerated in recent years. Developers active in the Heights have focused on trying to preserve the area’s historic feel, while also building new residential and commercial projects that cater to the tastes of several age groups. Many new homes have been built in the image of older homes they replaced. Architecture in the Heights also features plenty of funky modern designs. A number of larger, new apartment complexes have been constructed to accommodate for the growing number of transplants. But the Heights still features plenty of quaint boutiques, thrift stores, antique havens, and cafes that help it retain its charm.

Fun nightlife and great food and beverage have become trademarks of the Heights. Along the southern end of the Heights, Washington Ave has seen an explosion of its nightlife and restaurant scene, as numerous establishments have opened their doors where used car lots and boarded-up buildings once stood. Liberty Station, Benjy’s, Porch Swing Pub, Roosevelt, Sawyer Park, Kung Fu Saloon, and Hughes Hanger are all tops. The famed Fitzgerald’s live music venue on White Oak Drive will soon have a new home at the state-of-the-art White Oak Music Hall (opening in the Spring of 2016). Certain local hangouts have become establishments, including the Creeks (Cedar Creek, Dry Creek, and Onion Creek), which serve up delicious grub and refreshing suds. Other local favorites include Revival Market and Coltivaire (both run by Chef Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber), Hickory Hollow, and Glass Wall.

The Heights provides plenty of green space, including White Oak Park, Marmion Park, Lawrence Park, and Love Park; the much larger Memorial Park is in close proximity. The Heights Hike and Bike Trail offers approximately 8 miles of paved surface which starts just south of the 610 Loop and cuts trough to Downtown Houston.

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