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The Cultural and Industrial Diversity of Houston


Now more than a decade into a period of feverish growth and economic prosperity, Houston is America’s fourth-largest city by population. It also happens to be its most culturally diverse. A downturn in the oil and gas sector has tempered growth, but Houston remains a vibrant town thanks to its industrial diversity. Houston is also Texas’ youngest city, as it is home to more millennials than baby boomers. For those temporary relocating on a work assignment, coming in for medical tourism, or just passing through for a short-term stay and looking for an alternative to staying in a hotel, Kozi Corporate Housing has the perfect solutions to suit your needs: fully-furnished apartments, great amenities, and ultimate convenience.

The largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the nation, Houston goes by many nicknames: H-Town, The Energy Capital of the World, The Big Heart, the Bayou City, Capital of the Sunbelt, Hustle Town, City of Syrup, and Clutch City, among others. In 1967, Houston was officially was nicknamed Space City to recognize its importance for manned space exploration target=”_blank” and for being home to the Johnson Space Center. This varied and large number of nicknames reflects the rich cultural and industrial diversity of Houston.

Energy, healthcare and medical research, petrochemicals, aerospace, manufacturing, information technology, and trade are among the largest drivers of the local and regional economy. The diversity of industry and strong economic growth has fostered an influx of immigrants over the years, bringing rich cultural and ethnic diversity from all over the world to Houston and the Greater Houston area suburbs. Analysis from Rice University showed the Houston’s ethnic diversity surpassed that of New York back in 2012. At the time that US immigration laws shifted back in 1965, Houston was a smaller city, which meant that the larger number of immigrants from Asia, Africa, and Latin America had a larger impact on Houston than it did in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Indeed, even Houston’s diversity is in and of itself a driver for some people deciding to move to Houston. Alongside this increased diversity, desegregation is creating more diverse neighborhoods, which many argue has happened organically and has positive cascading cultural and economic effects.

The rich ethnic diversity of Houston is perhaps most readily apparent by exploring the dizzying array of cuisines available at the city’s restaurants. From Mexican and Tex-Mex, to barbeque, Vietnamese, Greek, French, Indian, Ethiopian, and to Malaysian, there are great restaurants to find representing virtually every nation in the world. And many serve truly traditional dishes. Think of Houston like an urban version of the United Nations. But instead of arguing over political issues, people here argue over who will eat the last bite of a delicious serving.

Each year, lots of visitors pass through Houston. Many come for work on temporary assignment, while others come to receive care at Houston’s world-renowned medical center or to visit a loved one receiving treatment. If you are relocating permanently and in the market for a house or apartment, corporate housing is a perfect bridge while you shop around and close on your new home. Even if you are coming to town for a short-term stay, consider a better alternative than hotels. Forget the sterile environment of a hotel room.

Come home to a fully-furnished apartment that truly feels like home. Enjoy the great amenities and convenience that comes standard at each of our fully-furnished apartments, including secure high-speed wireless internet, large-screen HDTV, a fully-equipped kitchen, in-unit washer and dryer, and so much more. Plus you will never have to worry about paying utility bills during your stay. We eliminate any potential hassle, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you, like work, family, and friends. Contact us today! Our professional and courteous staff are here to find the corporate housing solution to fit your preferences and budget. We have great properties throughout Houston in the most desirable locations across the city. Come experience the very best in Houston corporate housing with us at Kozi Corporate Housing. Also check out our other locations across Texas.

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