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Taking in The Impressive Dallas Skyline


Dallas, the ninth-largest US city by population, is home to an impressive skyline of towering buildings. As a major cosmopolitan city with a bustling economy, the Big D has more than 250 high-rise buildings. There are some buildings you should be sure to check out during your stay with Kozi Corporate housing in Dallas. Below we will clue you in on some of the must-sees.

Standing at 72 stories and reaching 921 feet into the sky, Bank of America Plaza is the city’s tallest building. Many would argue it is not just Dallas’ tallest building, but also its most beautiful and prominent. It was designed by JPJ Architects in the late-modernist style. Over its 30-plus year history, the building has gone through five name changes due to consolidation within the banking industry. It is definitely worth a visit during a free day while you are in town to check out the building’s impressive design as well as the beautiful landscaping of Belo Garden Park, a 1.5-acre space which formerly functioned as a surface parking lot and is situated catty-corner from the skyscraper. The Bank of America Plaza really stands out under the night sky. The building’s faceted façade is lined by LED lights mostly at its edge and corners that provide a dazzling light show.

Anther remarkable building in Dallas’ skyline is Fountain Place, the city’s fifth- and the nation’s 105th-tallest building. Standing at 720 feet, the 60-story late-modernist design is a marvel of innovative architecture that includes a multi-faceted prism. Fountain Place has a unique profile from each direction due to its slanted sides. At the skyscraper’s base, discover its namesake. The plaza features 172 dancing fountains that offer a reprieve during hot summer months. Temperatures are anywhere between 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the surrounding area.

What better way to take in the skyline view than at a rooftop restaurant and bar within the skyline? For that special experience, head to Five Sixty at Reunion Tower. From world-renowned and highly-revered chef Wolfgang Puck, the establishment sits at the top of the 50-story Reunion Tower. Offering a truly impressive view of the entire city, the rotating floor literally gives patrons a 360-degree view. The chef’s modern take on Asian cuisine provides fine dining with every bite worth savoring. The two bars at Five Sixty offer a casual environment for those who want to forego the more upscale dining experience.

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