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Why Rent Furnished Apartments in Dallas


The Evergrowing Dallas

Dallas is the largest urban center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. In the past decade it has become one of the fastest growing cities, with more and more major companies relocating to the area, making Dallas one of the biggest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the United States. In 2013, Forbes ranked Dallas No. 13 on its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. Naturally, many people have relocated to the area for its business and career opportunities, and the necessity for flexible short or long term accommodations has grown substantially.

Furnished Apartments as Solution

The need to accommodate workers for long periods as well as relocationers has called for new solutions. The popular options of a long term lease or an ongoing stay at a hotel do not fit the needs of this growing population. Thus, new solutions have come forth. Nowadays, it is more common that relocationers and traveling employees choose furnished apartments. The comfort of an already furnished apartment, the affordability, the locations and the flexibility in dates make it a reliable, comfortable and cost efficient choice.


The residential real estate market in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex has been going up to boom status with rents reaching all time highs. With the average rent rising, it has become more challenging to find good and affordable apartments at key locations.
Price wise, the apartments we offer are just in the middle between a hotel and a long term lease. When it comes to cost efficiency, our prices meet no competition. Our apartments come fully furnished and equipped. There are no extra fees, taxes or bills. Kitchens in all homes are fully equipped and suitable for every choice of cooking. Other amenities are usually included such as laundry service, parking, free wifi and more. For a lot less than a hotel price you get a fully furnished home, amenities and services included.

The Locations

Arts venues, clubs and bars, colleges and universities, libraries, parks, concert halls and much more make Dallas a dynamic, vibrating city with countless options for education, entertainment and recreational activities. To Find the perfect spot for you, you will need the tips of a local, guiding you through the various parts of the city, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Our Local Crew knows the areas and surrounding neighborhoods and will be able to assist you in targeting the areas that are most accordant with your individual needs and budget.

Bottom Line

The ever developing Dallas has become a dynamic, prospering city, offering great career opportunities and high standards in living. If you are considering relocation, visiting or traveling

for business purposes, our furnished apartments will give you an all inclusive experience, making your Dallas adventure calm and worry-free.

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