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Corporate Housing vs AirBnB


In the world of temporary housing, one of the most interesting comparisons is that of AirBnB and Corporate Housing. In the past year, AirBnB has implemented many changes, mainly to become more appealing to the corporate world. Corporate Housing, on the other hand, originally designed to answer companies’ needs for employees’ lodging, has become a common choice among individual travellers and relocationers.

So what are the differences between the lodging solutions, and which is better?

Key Locations – Corporate Housing and AirBnB

Both Corporate Housing and AirBnB offer stable residential settings, meaning you get to live like a local in your chosen neighborhood. However, while AirBnB is designed to answer varying location queries, it has unpredictable outcome when weighting availability vs quality. While you might find an apartment in a desirable area or next to your workplace, you might also be compelled to compromise your other requirements or living standards. This will not happen with corporate housing, as neighborhoods are specifically picked at key locations, yet the living standards and service level for all furnished apartments remain the same.


Providing a quality hospitality takes professionals experienced in giving service and attending to guests’ needs. AirBnB hosts are common people with ongoing everyday lives and may not have the time, means or intent to apply to your every need, where’s Corporate Housing is run by individuals whose day job is fulfilling their guests requests. Corporate housing providers make it their goal to give their guests the most comfortable and effortless experience.


AirBnB is about temporary accommodation in affordable prices, but lack of amenities such as laundry service, free parking, housekeeping and room maintenance service can add up, eventually causing you to spend more time and money than you intended. All Corporate Housing providers include amenities for no extra fees. Some go as far as offering pool areas and gyms, which can add a lot to traveling or relocating experience.

Flexibility to extend the stay –  Corporate apartments

With AirBnB, extending your stay is possible. However, it is subjected to outside circumstances. The AirBnB booking system is not designed for infinite re-booking and is dependant on factors such as flexibility on the permanent tenants’ or house owners’ parts, as well as new bookings. This means you might, on a short notice, need to relocate to a new place that will fit to your budget, chosen location and dates. To put it simply, you will need a lot of luck. The case is different with Corporate apartments since it provides you with an ongoing option the extend your stay, as well as to leave whenever you want.

Accountability, Liability and Safety

Being that Corporate Housing is specifically structured to provide housing solutions, it is a rare case that delays, confusion in dates or insufficient service occurs. This is a business, built on reliability aspiring to zero hiccups. When it comes to traveling, relocating or lodging employees, this fact alone can save a lot of headaches. Compared to AirBnB which is run by individuals, Corporate Housing wins in accountability.

Liability is a new territory for AirBnB. For now, there are more questions than answers in regards to liability In cases of damage to body or property. This includes stolen property, violence and even death causing incidents. These cases and others present new problems to AirBnB on a frequent basis. This is not the case with Corporate Housing since it is an established business model that offers a clear insurance coverage, and amenities also include a 24/7 security service.

Bottom line? While AirBnB might be a good choice for some short trips and for a personal local experiences, Corporate Housing is a more suitable choice for both short term apartments rentals and long stays for it offers a winning combination of professional service, reliability, infinite extended stay possibility and amenities. For individuals or business travellers this could mean a traveling experience that resonantes peace of mind.

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