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Before You Get Fully Settled, Settle into a Fully-Furnished Apartment


Are you moving from one city to another? Or are you moving from one state to another? Perhaps you are remodeling your current home? All of these situations can be stressful. You may have a home still on the market or are waiting on closing. Or maybe you are deciding whether you want to rent or buy a home in your new city. In all of these scenarios, choosing corporate housing for your medium-term accommodations is an ideal solution before you get fully settled.

The stable job market of yesteryear is exactly that—a thing of the past. The job security many once enjoyed simply does not exist. While many people used to settle into careers with one company, climb the corporate ladder, and stay the course through to retirement, such career trajectories are atypical. In today’s modern economy, employees move fluidly from one company to another. And often that means moving from one city or state to another.

Uprooting from your home is never easy. You may decide to put your current home on the market, and selling it could be a lengthy process. When your new job beckons, you may have to make the move quickly.

Home shopping can be a lengthy process. Even finding the right place to rent can take time. You have to decide on a neighborhood, evaluate your budget, scout out availability, view properties, etcetera. If you are awaiting a sale and closing of your old house, you might not be financially prepared to put a down payment down on a new home.

In these types of situations, corporate housing helps bridge the gap between your old and new homes. Forget the sterile feeling of living in a hotel. Finding a solution with AirBnb or a similar vacation rental can be complicated and frustrating when you need an extended stay. With Kozi Corporate Housing, we have your temporary housing needs covered!

Kozi Corporate Housing provides furnished apartments in every major city in Texas. Our friendly staff is here to help you find and get settled into one of our fully-furnished apartments. Your home-away-from home experience awaits. Contact us today to find out more about our beautiful properties at great locations and the many great amenities you will get to enjoy!

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