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Our fully furnished corporate apartments may just be the answer to you building a massive referral base and large commissions for life.

We know that as agents you’re always wanting to do two things:

  1. Make sure your clients are happy
  2. Make extra commissions whenever possible

The best way to do both is to be able to provide them with exactly what they want… even when they don’t already know exactly what that is. One thing is for sure… when a family of 4 is in transition between homes, they do NOT want to live in a hotel.

Sure maybe the kids enjoy it for the first 2-3 days but then it becomes an extreme irritation to everyone involved (including you). Being the agent who took care of them when they were in a tough spot with a very comfortable short term interim lease will insure that you will never be forgotten by a grateful customer.

You know, as any good agent does, that repeat business and a strong referral base is the absolute key to establishing a profitable, long, successful real estate career. If you are the agent who puts your clients in a comfortable, spacious, very affordable furnished apartment while you find them their perfect home, they will never forget your extra foresight, consideration, and high quality service and they will most likely return to you for every home sale and home purchase for the rest of their life.

And on top of all that, you also get to make an extra, easy, quick commission for doing absolutely nothing other than calling us and asking us to set your client up with exactly what they want. The best part is, you don’t have to do any work for it… no driving around showing them furnished apartments, no lease writing, signing, etc… none of that. We do that part so you can focus on finding them their dream home as quickly as possible and getting your big commission on the big purchase.

Do yourself a favor and do your clients a favor, make an easy commission and make them comfortable at the same time… send them to us at Kozi Corporate Housingshort-term housing that truly feels like home.